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Thank you for sharing your before photos which are very impressive. Your photography is amazing. I have decided to remain an amateur photographer as it's my main hobby and I love it. Once something becomes work I don't like it as much and I want a hobby that is fun - perhaps I'm just lazy though. Happy Holidays!

Kofla Olivieri

Thank you Michelle! I agree with you that once something becomes work it changes everything. It happened to me with my love about motorcycles. It started as a fun hobby, and it ended up becoming my livelihood.

I am still undecided if I am going to pursue selling my images, only time will tell.

btw, I forgot to mention that the first time I ever heard about Photomatix Pro HDR was from reading your blog and looking at your great pictures.

Feliz Navidad!


I'm so glad my blog was a little helpful. I love Photomatix as I see photography as a form of art. Happy New Year!

Kofla Olivieri

I was glad to find Photomatix Pro in your blog, it does make images look 100 times better. I am spending more time now using Topaz Adjust, and I am trying to learn Lightroom. Hopefully this year my pictures should look a lot better.

Last night I reposted all my photography writings to a separate blog to keep things more organized.

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